Publications Office of the European Union

Since 2012: consulting on the ontology of the graph of EU legislation, the management of controlled vocabularies and the open data strategy

  • Work on the evolution of the ontology of CELLAR, the repository of EU legislation and basis for the application EurLEX. The ontology is based on the FRBRoo standard, enriched to reflect ongoing developments in legislation and jurisprudence.
  • Design of a SKOS application profile for the dissemination of the EU’s controlled vocabularies.
  • Design of an application profile based on the DCAT-AP ontology for the description of datasets on the EU’s Open Data portal
  • Design of an ORG application profile for managing the data of the “Who’s Who” of European institutions.
  • Definition of the Linked Open Data strategy of the EU Publications Office for the upcoming 5 years.
EUR-Lex, the EU’s official journal, is based on a knowledge graph