Legislation of Luxembourg

Since 2015: participation in designing a suite of legislative software based on Semantic Web technologies

  • History: the suite of legislative software for the Luxembourg Legislation Service draws on the experience of the Publications Office of the EU, which since 2006 has adopted Semantic Web technologies and a graph database for managing the EU’s official journal
  • 2015-2016 – For the implementation of the official journal: functional specification for Luxemburg’s legislation publication system, design of the JOLUX ontology and implementation of a management environment of controlled vocabularies.
  • For the configuration of legislation data as open data: delineation of the functional specifications and standards to be used.
  • 2017 – Monitoring of the legislative process: functional specifications and extension of the ontology to cover the monitoring of the legislative process.
  • 2017 – Development of an application of treaty management: specification of the application of treaty management and extension of the JOLUX ontology for this new part of the knowledge graph
  • 2018 – Development of an application for monitoring the transpositions of EU legislation: functional specification of the application and extension of the JOLUX ontology for the knowledge graph’s extension needs.
Official Journal of Luxembourg